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Selected Readings on the Benefits of Active Learning and Active Learning Classrooms

Students Think Lectures Are Best, But Research Suggests They’re Wrong (Youki Terada)

Students prefer low-effort learning strategies—like listening to lectures—but perform better with active learning.

How to Make Your Teaching More Engaging (Sarah Rose Cavanagh)

If you want students to learn and succeed, you need to engage them. Tips and strategies advice guide.

How Classroom Design Affects Engagement (Lennie Scott-Webber)

Classrooms intentionally designed for active learning have a significant effect on student engagement.

The Room Itself is Active (Melissa Rands,

Creating classroom engagement with low-cost learning tools in a flexible, open, student-centered space.

Gender Differences in Student Participation in an Active-Learning Classroom (Stepfanie Aguillon,

Instructors should use strategies that are inclusive and encourage equitable participation by all students.

A Space for Learning: An Analysis of Research on Active Learning Spaces (Robert Talbert)

Review of research findings on active learning classrooms, student behavior, and teaching practices.

Research-Informed Principles for (Re)designing Teaching and Learning Spaces (Adam Finkelstein,
Teaching and learning space design reflects a university’s pedagogical commitment to student success.

Learning Spaces: A Toolkit (Gensler Research)

Efforts to quantify the impact of active learning environments on student outcomes at U of Kansas.

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Additional References